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Hello and welcome...Fall is in the Air!!

I have decided to make a few changes as to how purchases are made on this site...
Although I do appreciate each and every sale..I get emails from other customers who feel let down time and time again because they are not able to purchase, due to being sold out within days of my updates..
So I have decided to put a buying Cap on all new dolls..for 15 days after I add them to the site, you will only be able to purchase 2 at once, this means 2 Dolls, not ornies, or bowl fillers or other items, this applies only to the new dolls.. per customer, not per visit...to Clarify, you cannot come back the next day and purchase two more, I will refund you.  Sadly, I have no choice, I only have two hands, and being that my dolls are OOAKs I only offer one at a time.  This keeps it fair for everyone.  After fifteen  days, you may be able to purchase as many as you wish.. Ebay of course is out of my control, So  that is first come first serve.I will be adding a few other fall items over the next two weeks, so please keep checking back.  I will not be taking custom orders after October first, so please keep that in mind as well.
Thank you for your kindness and patience..I hope you will understand why I have to do this.  I want it to be fair for everyone..
Blessings to you and yours, Diana

I have added new dolls to Every day Annies, as well as to Holliday offerings..

I have also added three Cuties to Ebay..you may find them by clicking on the "My Ebay" button on the right side of the page at the top

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